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Atlantis is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to critical and creative writing in English or French on the topic of women. The journal welcomes material embodying all viewpoints on Women's Studies. Scholarly articles, book and film reviews, poetry, short stories and graphic work are considered for publication.

Revue d'études sur les femmes / A Women's Studies Journal
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Auteur Institute for the Study of Women, Mount Saint Vincent University
Domaine(s) pluridisciplinaires
Thématique(s) Gender Studies
Année de création 1975
Type de document revue
Périodicité semestrielle
Support imprimé
Éditeur (imprimé) Mount Saint Vincent University , Halifax
ISSN (imprimé) 0702-7818
Site web Atlantis


Description de la revue

Compléments bibliographiques

  • Titre : Atlantis
  • Titre en ligne : Atlantis

Présentation scientifique

  • Domaine : pluridisciplinaires
  • Fondateur :
  • Année de création : 1975
  • Projet scientifique : With 2005 marking its 30th year of continuous publication, Atlantis is a remarkable Canadian presence in the world of academic dissemination of knowledge. Atlantis is committed to conduct double blind peer review (see Mission Statement) because it ensures the quality of scholarly material within its pages, an imprimatur which is recognized and depended upon by contributors and users alike. In addition, Atlantis commissions interdisciplinary research in the forms of single articles, book reviews, reports and entire issues with the goal of refereed publication. The topics of studies enjoined by Atlantis are based on feedback which has come through the editors and panelists from research users about the current state of women's concerns in Canada and throughout the world. By playing a proactive role in the creation of research, the Journal initiates the interactive engagement between researcher and user. By publishing electronically, we hope to grow our international presence and meet the needs of both the research producers and consumers.
Atlantis was established in 1975 by a group of women scholars at Acadia University, with Drs. Donna Smyth and Margaret Conrad being the faculty members primarily responsible for the initiation of the Journal. In 1975, universities were beginning to introduce Women's Studies courses, but reading materials for students and journals that would publish the emerging scholarship were difficult to find. Recognizing this situation, Drs. Smyth and Conrad resolved to establish a new journal. In the first few years, Atlantis was produced by faculty at Acadia, but in 1980, the Journal moved to Mount Saint Vincent University and became a publication of the Institute for the Study of Women, the current publisher. Twenty-five years of continuous institutional support of the Journal indicates the significant role the Journal plays in the University's long-standing commitment to the higher education of women. The Journal continues to be a prime resource in the interdisciplinary field of Women's Studies and, still rooted firmly in Atlantic Canada, is quickly expanding its scope beyond geographical boundaries to reviewers, contributors, subscribers and publication partners around the world.
Currently, our editorial structure is comprised of 3 editors and an editorial panel numbering 19 - all women volunteers from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds all across Canada.
  • General Editors : Katherine Side, Department Head, Women's Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland - kside at, Linda Kealey, Department of History, University of New Brunswick - lkealey at, Annalee Lepp, Department Head, Women's Studies, University of Victoria - alepp at
  • Institution de rattachement : Mount Saint Vincent University.
  • Ligne éditoriale :
  • Langue(s) des articles : anglais
  • Résumé : anglais
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  • Langue(s) des articles : anglais
  • Numéros thématiques : oui
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  • Tables d'index :
  • Composition d'un fascicule :
  • Nombre moyen d'articles par numéro : 10
  • Type de rubriques :
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  • Conditions de soumission des articles :
  • Protocle rédactionnel :
1. The Editorial Panel of Atlantis considers only unpublished scholarly articles, original critical and creative writing and art work, and book reviews. We welcome material prepared in English or French on the topic of women.
2. Articles submitted for consideration must be no longer than 6,000 words and must be typed double-spaced and submitted in quadruplicate. All must have a title page but, since they are refereed in a blind review process, there must be no identification other than the title of the article. A cover letter must accompany the submission containing: the name(s) of the author(s) and postal or electronic addresses; a biographical note of the authors' academic degrees or relevant experience, professional titles or roles, and affiliations; and any desired acknowledgment of research support or credit. The preferred editorial style for references, citations and presentation is as outlined in The Canadian Style guide.
Footnotes are not acceptable and endnotes are discouraged whenever possible. Authors are encouraged to avoid overly technical language. The author(s) has/have responsibility for the accuracy of references and calculations, as well as for obtaining clearance to reproduce any artwork that is not their own or has been published elsewhere. The author must present these figures and illustrations in camera-ready form. Authors are also encouraged to send electronic copies of this initial submission - see number 5 below.
3. Submissions of written and visual creative work will be considered by the editors. Poems must not exceed three pages and short stories must not exceed 4,000 words. Other types of submissions may be considered on an individual basis.
4. Manuscripts will not be returned unless requested and if they are accompanied by a self-addressed envelope with correct Canadian postage attached. Authors from countries other than Canada who do not attach correct Canadian postage must provide international postal coupons in order to have manuscripts returned.
5. If an article is accepted pending revisions, the author must produce a new, clean hard copy of the manuscript that takes into account the suggestions from the referees/editors. This final draft of the manuscript should be accompanied by a diskette containing the electronic version of the article and, in separate files, the endnotes and reference material. There must also be a 50-word abstract of the article, in the language of the article, as well as a short biographical statement about the author. The hard copy of this material should be a printout of the final draft, which is then saved as ASCII DOS on the diskette. With endnotes, just type each note's appropriate number into the text. Do not use the endnote insert function, as anything created with formatting codes, such as the notes, will be deleted when the document is converted from ASCII.
6. If an article is accepted for publication, authors will receive a complimentary copy of the Atlantis issue in which their submission is published at the same time that the issue is released to all subscribers. Please note: when an article is accepted for publication in Atlantis, we ask that the contributor subscribe to the journal for one year. Like many other journals, our fiscal base is vulnerable. Subscribers to Atlantis create the possibility for the dissemination of feminist knowledge in the form of peer reviewed articles, community voices, curriculum reflections and book reviews. As contributors of peer reviewed articles, their subscriptions will assist in keeping the journal in print and available to the larger community of feminist thinkers and doers. In exchange, they will receive both the spring and fall editions plus an extra copy of the edition carrying their article. Additional copies of this issue can be provided at a reduced cost to contributors.

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  • Contacts : Institute for the Study of Women, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax NS B3M 2J6, Canada. Tel. 902-457-6319 et fax' 902-443-1352,
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  • Financements : The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and Mount Saint Vincent University.
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